19 November 2008

Around the World in 80 Days

very cool teacher blogs about google earth in classroom
interesting survey on american young adults and their lack of geographical literacy!!!

this is the youtube video about 3D Rome...you have to have google earth 4.3

features & limitations to mention: cannot use spell check??? have to practice the html coding for certain applications. the better you know Google Earth, the easier Littrips are. use as many that are already done as you can. I always try to tweak lessons each time I teach them. This may not be worth the effort to tweak. Good for student experience--but I would have to get used to the imperfections, the details you have to get right are very different than the details I focus on in most classes for writing assignment (kind of the webquest experience to the max) it seems that you have to give up a level of quality in one area to achieve new knowledge and skills in another: i could not judge writing as harshly because much of their effort was in the tech. It IS good for critical thinking, and deepening the level of problem solving skills--they have to worry about the tech, the web, the writing and the assembly. Emphasize the google blogs and community. Show them the google gallery page to find stock photos etc to use.

Specialties: music, video, podcast narration






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singapore history: p://asnic.utexas.edu/asnic/countries/singapore/Singapore-History.html
This is a good page with all the important events in the years around the time of the book

great photo & caption suez: http://www.tiscali.co.uk/reference/encyclopaedia/hutchinson/image_preview.html?image=//media.tiscali.co.uk/images/feeds/hutchinson/ency/0020n077.jpg&caption=The%20Suez%20Canal,%20Egypt,%20photographed%20in%201895.%20The%20Canal%20was%20opened%20in%201865,%20and%20links%20the%20Mediterranean%20and%20Red%20Seas.%20There%20are%20no%20locks%20along%20the%20length%20of%20the%20Canal,%20because%20these%20two%20bodies%20of%20water%20are%20at%20roughly%20the%20same%20level.©right=(Image%20%C2%A9%20Billie%20Love)


Here is a google earth service that shows travel all over the world--should we be showing them this, because when they use lit trips, this could be a shortcut to developing content?

Outcomes? Why use this? Lesson plan? Assessment? How? A pre reading, or during, or after?

teach them to choose places, mark them, add content--pictures, text, video, music, links NO MUSIC TOO MUCH
navigate google earth, learn all its buttons. if no time, can skip the bells and whistles like cool icons, etc

Around the world in 80 days 1873

Has traveling lost its romance? theme: british imperialism--focus in india

HIGHLIGHTS: London, one place in India, Suez,HongKong

San Francisco-gold rush?? What else?

Unfamiliar, fun, learning


article about suez canal and construction:

tutorial--view it

read book

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