30 December 2008


give students links to other student blogs for ideas? how to ramp up their quality?

lesson plan writing for bloggers

a tech literacy test is coming in 2012: is it a tool or a discipline? are you ready? what should be on the test? should it be handicapped for those without limited access? What should we do about limited access? etc etc

Also--second half of year, the blog would be written by them, not me. One person post each entry, every else comment. Maybe they would have to comment on at least 3 of the 4 each month?? 8 weeks in quarter, have at least 6 blogs, and they have to respond to 4?? sign up sheet for first come first serve for the posts? (more fun, more work, more points?) give general topic, and they choose what to write (I sanction it) juniors blog: seniors wiki?? reformat blog to announce change?

UPDATE: no-maybe could alternate the junior classes being in charge of the blog. one class reviews the other's postings--writing, mechanics, content. only the reviewing class would be graded. the writing class would submit, i would moderate and then eliminate their initials, then they would be anonymous. still not perfect but getting there

New idea: WIKI--what I know is...
new idea: maybe have seniors make wiki pages for the different cultures/pieces we are going to read--they would have to do research, citations, and they could actually write their papers? or a paper? this would work really easily for the juniors, cause I could separate it by era. But with seniors, not so easy. Dante, machiavelli (compare to suntzu) donquixote, moliere?, basho, goethe?, a little more pushkin (i would have to copy more, there is no more in book),Dostoyevsky-notes from the underground, ibsen-hedda gabler 5's, doll's house 4's, chekhov?either C or I--not time for both, tagore, rilke, pirandello,, borges, neruda,

so maybe apoetry page, a short fiction page, an imagist page, an expressionist page, a italian renaissance page, a spnish page, an american page, minus the States????

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