12 January 2009

book clubs/Studywiz blog experiment

Great idea (maybe) talked to Gina today about Life of Pi and how long it is. Divide them into groups, and have them responsible for certain sections. vocab, background, context, plot advancement, character studies, etc etc. We could use the wiki and each group could provide a page on their section. SO everyone would get he experience of the book and we could finish!

How would this fit with the research paper? Could it be about Life of Pi--offer them various topics and then they research? think about it

what about class book clubs? instead of relying entirely on the textbooks, maybe the seniors could break into groups depending on what text they were going to read and research--the wasteland, don quixote, inferno, rur, life of pi, magical realism short stories???? at least they would read one piece really well, instead of none of them at all! they could choose how many they wanted to read in a semester, which could result in more points or extra credit

UPDATE: ok--Life of Pi is halfway done, no clubs. I think the book clubs will work for the short works 4th quarter.....at least they are doing 4 journals--wanted to use Studywiz blog, but not operational. Easiest is word document. Dale set up a gallery on sTudywiz, maybe someone will test drive it for me--ask tomorrow.

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healigan said...

we set up a BLOG on Gallery in studywiz. Easy to see what everyone else has written, but uses an icon for each person, so you still have to click to get to the content, and then most of them have to download too. God Studywiz is overkill! It can do everything, but at the cost of ease and speed. I am working with people who do not have good study skills are are nervous about participating int he first place. Using studywiz for this purpose will lose me some writers! Too many more steps than one of my healigan blogs or the wiki too. The internal blog is not operational. If it does get "turned on," it will eliminate the benefit of publishing on the net: learning how to keep yourself safe, the thrill of being published, the FLATness of having others from other classes respond.