23 April 2009


We are about to visit the 20th century, finally. We read 1984 as summer reading, and it is now time to revisit it. I want to use the book as a way to discuss the changes the hero we first characterized with Beowulf in September has endured. SO...the link below could be a good first look at the book as well as a link to today's events. I want them to see the connections! I really want them to read the news once in a while.
ROOM 101: relate to torture memos in the news, as well as our discussion of 1984 and its dystopian vie of THE HERO. http://www.harpers.org/archive/2009/04/hbc-90004803

here is a really good page on modern brit lit which includes some good tv, movie and individual writer pages as wellhttp://www.k-state.edu/english/westmank/literary/contempbrit_resources.html

Amazing site with online study units--the WW1 unit is good, and you can personalize it, give it a unique URL, and send your kids there. Wish me luck!

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healigan said...

Looks like 1984 2ill be a footnote--maybe we will watch the movie?? I cannot let go of Eliot and Yeats, at the very least. ARGH!!