16 September 2010

Who Do They See As Heroes?

   Every year, each of my classes chooses a "team name" to represent themselves in Healigan's world. Most teachers name their classes by color, but I hate to give up a teachable moment.I only require that the name avoid insulting anyone, represent some heroic traits, and promote class bonding. It is an agonizing process for me, since we begin the year with very different concepts of what makes a hero. Some years they live with a name that fits them less and less as they learn more about heroes, good and evil, and archetypes. The year of the Jokers was tough: we discussed everything in terms of anti-heroes and villains. They were a oppositional group, and had chosen the right name. But it was not much fun.
   So today I was so pleased to see one group arrive and three members immediately bring up the name they had chosen, the GoodFellas. They wanted to know more about the GoodFellas, so I showed them the movie trailer. Much consternation ensued, after many realized they had given their vote away on the word of other classmates. What a great lesson about the political process! So I agreed to reconsider if they discussed amongst themselves and decided they would like a run off election Monday. I'm hoping for the Watchmen (one of the better choices). no hope for Beowulf.

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Healigan said...

They went with The Breakfast Club. Could be worse (and was!)