20 January 2011


The teaching went great today.  What's not to like about Shakespeare's sonnets (juniors) and T'ao Chien (seniors)? But it was a tough day all the same. One of those days that reminds you how desperately fragile teenager-hood is. A day that reminds me that every one of them deserves my full attention, deserves to be looked at with wonder. Somebody needs to consider that child to be the most important, beautiful thing they have ever seen for at least a minute. I looked around my classroom today and saw too many faces sad, overwhelmed, distracted, hopeless. I can see that they do not know how seriously cool they are. No one has told them how cool they are. It was too much.
Each of them is one of kind, so perfect: but they label themselves, and we label them too (I've done it, I know). I heard too many comments from other adults in the building judging kids instead of celebrating them. I don't care if he talks too loud in social situations  or she does not wear the right makeup or he doesn't do "enough activities" or the uniform is a bit shabby. Most of my kids are just trying to get through the day. Shouldn't our job be to help? For my students: I am honored to witness  your grit, your beauty, your  imagination, your self-reliance, your sweetness, your brains, your laugh, your humility, your love for your friends, your heart and your soul. Even if I don't say it.

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