04 January 2011

What will we accomplish with our blogs this quarter?

 We are starting the second quarter of "personal" blogging with my honors seniors. So far, three of the ten students seem to have found a real voice, and I am ecstatic.Today we discussed where to go next. I am trying not to teacher this to death, but it is hard. They talked about their problems, and I suggested some answers. Some questions still remain. So...here is our list for January-March.
*Blog for quality and followers this quarter. Aim for once a week. We'll keep talking more strategies to add readers. Let's start by adding a counter....
*Curb appeal strategies: add graphics, video or music to your posts.  review your theme & design--clean it up.
*Add at least three blogs of personal interest, besides the people you follow in the class, to your blogroll. 
*Complete your profiles—follow the steps provided by Blogger. Maybe link to your other online presences?
*Consider thematic focus for Q3—as John and Mark have done. Why are some of blogs easier to respond to than others? Consider the unique appeal of each person's blog--what's yours?
*Respond to everyone else at least once this quarter. I will as well.
Now comes the hard part. I have to sit and watch.

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Vanilla Chunk said...

Are blogs just 'sposed to be comment-bait? Mine may read like the ravings of a lunatic (and my buddy Emily says she enjoys its 'stream-of-consciousness' feel). My blog is a lot like a shrink's couch: I talk stuff through and realize: yes, Jim is trying to destroy my career; no, Geoff did NOT hear Julie say that he shouldn't move to Colorado if he was doing it just to be closer to her, and my stories need more conflict, more conflict than a knife fight in a dark closet.

I like the idea of 'curb appeal'. My buddy Emily has a lot of followers and I have two. I, on the other hand, have sold my work and seen it produced. Followers or paychecks...I'm staying where I am.