02 June 2011


I am in the middle of finals, so I cannot post anything lengthy right now. But I cannot let this go by: the perfect rhetoric lesson is playing out on the net this spring with the publication of Eli Pariser's FILTER BUBBLE. We talked about the Filter Bubble as they worked on their digital dossiers two weeks ago. Next fall, we can start with this:

First my students can watch Pariser's TED talk introducing the filter bubble:
TED talk Eli Pariser

Next, we will read his OpEd piece in the NYT to compare written vs spoken rhetoric: OpED 5.23.11

I just found Snarkmarket's analysis of the OpEd piece today: Tim Carmody of Snarkmarket on the Filter Bubble.  We'll probably take a look at Snarkmarket's style as well while we're there.

Moving through my Google Reader feeds, I happened upon this Sociological Images post on Google Maps and the disappearing Native American Reservations: SocImages

10 minutes on the Internet, and I've got a great lesson plan and  a great issue to discuss. Can't wait.

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