22 January 2012


I just tallied the student writing I have read since school broke for Christmas holidays. In the last 29 days, I have read

AP Lit Hamlet essays=25

revised AP Lit Hamlet essays=10

4 reading journal posts from 122 juniors=488 journal entries

4 blog posts from 25 AP Lit students,
plus 2 comments by each student=150 posts

2 3-paragraph essays from each of my 58 Honors midterms (juniors)=116 essays

2 long essays from each of my AP students' midterms=50 essays

1 long essay from each of my 64 pre-AP midterms (juniors)=64 essays

2 detailed annotations/explications from pre-AP midterms (juniors)=128 annotations

~ 1000 pieces of significant writing, not counting the annotations.
This does not include AP multiple choice sections on the midterm or the lengthy short answer sections on the juniors midterms (because I am not finished with those yet). They have been wonderful to read, full of original reflection and  some creative nonfiction (I love teens). But I see this list and realize that the teacher needs to learn her lesson too. Everyone makes mistakes, and planning for their growth but not my own survival is a biggie. Making the list is just step 1 in my personal plan for a less insane second semester, to be implemented in the next week or so. Unless I go blind before then...

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Jeff Pulice said...

wow. you, Madam, are very brave. I would not even try all that. How much sauce did you put on the journal entries? I woulda just looked with blank eyes and thought, 'is writing there' with a Russian accent.
I just finished 60+ senior papers. The system annotates the grammar and I look for the thesis, the evidence, ethos logos and pathos, personal voice, etc.
And now we can strip our sleeves and say, these wounds I got on Saint Crispins Day...yes, I know, misquoting...