26 November 2013

Senior World Lit: The Rules of Being Human

Everyone is responding to the 10 rules of being human, posted here. So I thought I had better add my 2   cents. My list is shorter though--the older I get, the shorter the list seems to get. ( What is the value of 2 cents these days, anyway?) Happy Thanksgiving to my "Insidious" seniors.

1. Listen to that feeling in your gut that tells you to do right. Then do right.

2.  Hang out with people who are good for you.  If they want to change you, are they really friends?
3. Don't judge people by their looks--either to their benefit or their detriment. By the time you are my age, what you look like will be the least part of what is precious in you.

4. Travel. When you can't travel, read. The world is bigger than what we can see. Write your reactions about travel down and make sure to judge the books you read.

5. I stole this one, but it is something I am still practicing: Figure out who you are, and then do it on purpose.

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