01 February 2015


   Just finished Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi. Boy Novak is gifted with a snaky bracelet when she becomes engaged to Arturo Whitman. (Yes, that is right—no diamond.) She spends the months before her marriage worrying that Arturo believes she is evil and a witch because of this gift. Marries him anyway, and discovers HE is the one with secrets soon enough.
   She wonders over her stepdaughter, suspiciously named Snow (as in Snow White?) and sends her away when her own daughter, Bird, is born. An original contemplation on mothers and daughters fills this book, as I became more and more entranced by Bird and confused about who Boy Novak is and where she came from. Can't say more or I will spoil it.  Already have two students earmarked for this one.
   Can’t get this book out of my head.  http://mywildandpreciouslife13.tumblr.com/post/109773709735/minoan-goddess-priestess-just-finished-boy-snow

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