27 February 2011

What I Consume...

“Sometimes I sensed that the books I read in rapid succession had set up some sort of murmur among themselves, transforming my head in to an orchestra pit where different musical instruments sounded out, and I would realize that I could endure this life because of these musicales going on in my head. " Orhan Parmuk
The upside of yet another snow day: I get to think about what I do, about my particular brand of teaching. I also read for many different reasons: teaching strategy, reflection, new info, news, learning, modeling, background, context, fun, grading, escape (from grading), confidence, a little bit of beauty ever day (it’s a rule), nourishment of the spirit……….
All of these inform every move I make in my classroom, I am convinced of it. My love of my content (literature, reading) “crowdsources” my teaching. I need to work on the fly, have many paths available. You never know where kids are going to go with a poem, or a story about the history or a reaction to a particularly feisty comment by a classmate (or this teacher, for that matter). I DO know that my stream of consciousness—the one that students see, not the one that drives my personal machine—adds up over time, affects their stream of consciousness, kind of like all of the learning that a person does one day inspires an action, or series of actions, that becomes their trademark, that becomes the engine that drives every decision they make, every change they adapt to, every experience they have. That becomes who they are. I LOVE being part of it.  Every minute I am with them works on that feed, and my reading is a principal component. So on the last snow day I consumed:

Better Living Through    
Potential is a Muscle
Remote Access
M Antoinette’s Gossip Guide
Myths Retold
Twitter news: NickKristoff, acarvin, Sultan Al Qassemi, various other feeds
Twitter: PLN check-ins

Personal Diigo list on Romantics
GILEAD (m. robinson)
March 2011 Wired
Spin 2.18.11
POEM FLOW (phone)
Student blogs: one about author John Green
47 posts  about "no man is an island"   !!!

(This did not include music, TV or my Kindle. It does include print media, phone apps, some Google Reader content and social bookmarking research)

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