30 March 2011

MY FAVORITE TEACHER: hope everyone had one

In response to Dana Huff's post of 3.12.11:
Oh, I still remember Mrs. Geuting's deep, scratchy voice and very large front teeth. She was imposing with wavy gray hair and no makeup, very practical shoes, and the same type of outfit every day. (this was a big deal, because in a parochial school, we expected our non-nuns to dress like normal ladies) Now I know that she had "strong" features, but at the time I remember thinking she did not look at all like any other lady I had ever met, but somehow it just made her more magical.
My 6th grade English teacher read aloud to us often and it was wonderful. I had started to consider myself a bookworm, so it added a real dimension to appreciate someone who could read aloud. It made me love stories. I remember she asked questions, instead of  telling us facts, and that also stuck with me. She also laughed, very loud and long, which made me realize that a teacher might also be a person. She did not really have anything to do with me becoming a teacher--but she tipped the scales in favor of book love. Once I got to college, it was a quick journey to "hey, I could talk about books all day long." Though she never touched or hugged me, I felt as if we shared something mystical and sacred. Even a 6th grader realizes when to go with it! Thanks, Mrs. Geuting.

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